What is omloop.de?

Omloop actually started as a personal project, but started to take on a life of its own. I am a road cyclist and a pro-cycling fan, and always will be. Unfortunately, a knee injury has ended any ambitions I ever had of racing, so I now ride only when I feel like it, and try to stay within the limits of my injury. I can thank my parents for getting me into watching cycling. It must have been the 2007 Tour de France that first caught my attention. I remember thinking that I wanted to the one attacking off the front on the mountains. It was then I bought my first road bike, and the rest is history.
The site is non-commercial. There is no advertising, and I don't earn a penny for doing it.

Why is it called Omloop?

Omloop is Dutch for Criterium (a circuit race). Aside from new technology, nothing is new in cycling. Maybe that is why it endears fans so much.


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